//Those in the ninja world who break the rules are scum, that's true....but those who abandon their friends.. are lower than scum.//
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//I track kakashisama// M!A: can not tell a lie. Nor can I avoid any question for 24 hours. 
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Kakashi sighed heavily, it was that time again. It wasn’t like he wasn’t use to being used as a breeder since he was recruited for his unusual abilities and he was also used as a breeder for the facility. He would breed with a number of women and men who could breed to keep the line going. What line he wasn’t quite sure but it seems his DNA was ideal for the perfect baby.

Kakashi looked around the sterile and clean room, he was constantly tested on and this part was only a part of his training for his stamina. Kakashi scoffed at that and leaned against the wall to wait for the new breed he was going to fuck so he could have more kids. Geezus like he needs to make more children but he was a favorite and that means more sex and more babies.